Author name: DCI Global Team

Geshe Michael Roach on ZeeTV Recorded at the Capital Club in Dubai on Tuesday evening February 17, 2015, just before the first event of the week, an address to members of the Capital Club, as well as other business leaders and government officials in the Gulf region. TV – 23 September, 2015 (Russian Only)

Geshe Michael Roach on TV business magazine program with Olga Chebikina. Yekaterinburg, Russia – Recorded 23 September, 2015 for October broadcast Большой разговор» на «Мой учитель сказал: «Ты первый западный человек за 600 лет. Ты должен основать бизнес, задача которого за год заработать миллион долларов» Ольга Чебыкина: Майкл, здравствуйте. Майкл Роуч (говорит по-русски): Здравствуйте. … TV – 23 September, 2015 (Russian Only) Read More »

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