Eva BalzerQualitative Market Researcher

I read the book “The Diamond Cutter” in 2011 – and I was very skeptical. I was a political activist and I met any form of “religion” with suspicion if not hostility.

However, the openness and undogmatic character of the system – so skillfully and compassionately presented by Geshe Michael Roach – as well as the challenge not to believe anything but to test it out, made me try and experiment with the principles.

I started studying the ideas and sometimes the shelf, in which I used to put the unresolved questions was cram-full. It was the certainty that I could not do anything wrong – at worst I would do good – that kept me going.


Since then I have planted many things in my life, just to mention a few:

  • child care for an important event,
  • physical lightness which seemed totally out of reach for 20 years,
  • doubling my income without changing my services as qualitative market research and without working more;
  • I planted an almost surreal beautiful flat for an unbeatable price


And then there is the health issue: for a decade I was in different pains almost every day and I travelled from doctor to doctor but none of them was able to diagnose what I had and therefore unable to do something about it.


Then “suddenly” I met a doctor who was able to diagnose all my little issues with ease as well as curing them sustainably. My quality of life has increased dramatically and now I even regularly dance Lindy Hop.


My whole life I have been searching for answers, I wanted to understand how the world works.

Today, I have no doubts whatsoever that the world works precisely how it is described in the ancient books.


Those principles allow me to shape my life and it is so much fun partly because you become more confident in the application of the tools and also because giving becomes a habit and a source of joy.


Apart from those measurable results, the biggest happiness for me is that the feeling of void and darkness that I felt inside has been replaced by light, warmth and love and I have no more fears.

I am deeply grateful that Geshe Michael presented the wisdom of the ancient scriptures in modern language and as universal principles for the business world – I do not know whether I would have had listened at all.

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