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Since the company's founding in 2010, Diamond Cutter Institute Global events and programs have been held in more than 35 cities and 20 countries worldwide.

During the covid crisis, we had a 400% growth, using the same principles we taught to our audience.

Leadership Development Training Programs

The beginning of dcig

DCIG was named after one of the foundational books of Asian philosophy, “The Diamond Cutter Sutra,” which gives a profound and detailed description of the Asian presentation of cause and effect. The Diamond Cutter Sutra provides a straightforward method for creating specific results or solving problems in any area of life.

As a result of the groundbreaking work of DCIG in teaching these great universal ideas for creating success and building bridges among nations, DCIG’s annual public, and private events are reaching influential global organizations such as China’s Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, British Airways, the Congress of the government of Mexico, and Young President’s Organization (YPO).

Online Single-Class Worldwide Programs

Public talks are most commonly organized for 200 or more people groups and held in a theater, conference center, hotel ballroom, private corporate meeting space, or Sports Arena in the city. Since 2020 our programs have been online, which means you can take our programs from home!

Leadership Training Programs for Employees

Public events are hosted by Geshe Michael Roach and DCIG Senior Staff. They may include unique segments such as music, meditation, interactive exercises, and open Question-and-Answer segments when your audience can ask for explanations, challenge the teachers, and get guidance on their most profound problems and dreams. We welcome challenges. Ask your most challenging questions!

DCIG clients in some cities have incorporated Geshe Michael and DCIG Staff into creative arts programs or themed events, drawing from the message of the DCIG system to reinforce, build or redefine the core values of their event or organization. Get creative and let us know what your ideas are. We may be able to make a particular plan to do something entirely new for you!
Training for Leadership Development

Worldwide Full-Programs Online

One of the most popular DCIG programs is a one-day or two-day “City Intensive”, usually for groups of 150 to 500 people, hosted and facilitated by DCI Senior Teachers and often including Geshe Michael Roach. City Intensives are usually held in a nice hotel in the city center, to draw an executive audience and make it convenient for guests to go home at night. We make the most of the hours in the Intensive schedule, so that guests can have the most possible opportunities to interact with Senior DCIG Staff, to get answers to their deepest questions and learn how to integrate the system into their daily lives.

DCIG City Intensives are designed to deliver a much deeper understanding of the principles, and more personal attention from senior DCIG teachers. The program includes not only lectures by Geshe Michael or Senior Teachers, but also interactive elements led in small groups by the teachers, and important components of the DCIG system such as a special Executive Yoga series derived from a 1,000‑year old practice.

In addition to Executive Yoga, the intensive provides deeper instruction in special techniques of concentration and meditation which help us to understand the system more deeply and apply it more effectively, for faster and more powerful results.

Kuala Lumpur 2018 2500 people
Taichung 2018
People reached worldwide each year
0 +

DCIG was conceived as a way to recognize the universal nature of the greatest ideas of Asian philosophy, and make these ideas practical as “The Diamond Cutter System”, a method for leadership and success among governments, corporations, entrepreneurs and other professionals around the world.

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