Foundation Level 01

Success Inside, Success Outside

Learn how mental seeds control everything about our life, and how we can use them for all kinds of success: financial, relationships, health, and a peaceful world and life.

12 LifeTools

Plant Financial Freedom

Foundation Level 02

Talent, Passion, & Purpose: What do I want to do with my life?

Go deeper into mental seeds, especially to find your passion in life, and to keep it there both in your work and your relationships.

12 LifeTools

Plant a fulfilling life

Foundation Level 03

Mastering your mind for success at work and at home

Learn special methods to focus the mind, to make it both powerful and peaceful at the same time.

12 LifeTools

Plant a sharp, healthy mind

Foundation Level 04

Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships

The basics of great relationships. How to start a relationship with someone, keep it going, and make it happy.

12 LifeTools

Plant great relationships

Foundation Level 05

12 Deeper Tools for Perfect Relationships at Home & at Work

Learn advanced tools for dealing with all the many challenges that we can meet in a relationship.

12 LifeTools

Plant better relationships

Foundation Level 06

Peeling off our Addictions

We will be working on the mental seeds of our addictions at three levels: physical, emotional, and philosophical.

12 LifeTools

Plant a life free from addictive behaviours

Foundation Level 07

Reaching the Diamond World: Learning to Touch The Source of All Success

At this level, we offer you a much deeper means of going to the deepest source of all forms of success.

12 LifeTools

Plant the mental seeds to reach real success

Foundation Level 08

Automatic Leadership

Identify the causes that make a leader successful (that make a team successful), and then make these causes happen

12 LifeTools

Plant the seeds to become a good influencer to your community

Foundation Level 09

True Innovators: The Deeper Causes of Creativity

Learn a whole new way to plant creativity, to plant innovation, inside of your mind.

12 LifeTools

Plant the seeds to become an innovator

Foundation Level 10

Impossible Anger: Never get upset again!

Never waste another precious minute on being upset, or angry at another person; situation, or even at natural occurrences.

12 LifeTools

Plant the seeds to remain patient no matter what

Foundation Level 11

Time Management: using the Inner Conversation

Learn how time can be stretched and shrunk, just like Einstein taught us, using the mental seeds principles.

12 LifeTools

Plant the mental seeds to do everything you wan without the stress of time

Foundation Level 12

The Art of Gratitude: Candy Store for Success

It’s a time for all of us to feel a deep sense of achievement and to recognize the immense work of those who have created our success to perpetuate the happiness.

12 LifeTools

Plant the seeds to maintain the upward spiral of our success

Advanced Level 01

Problem-Solving Masterpieces

Learn how to solve your problems in a way that they become real masterpieces in your life that bring you to a whole new level of success.

12 LifeTools

Plant the seeds to transform problems in the base of your next big success

DCI Level 1

Success Inside, Success
  • The 5 Goals of DCI: Ultimate Leadership
  • Working Sometimes Is Not: Stop doing things that don’t work
  • The “Pen Thing”: Understanding the Nature of Reality
  • All Questions Can Be Answered with “Seeds”
  • The Four Starbucks Steps for planting a seed
  • The Top Ten Good Seeds: Tools of a Master
  • Four Powers: How to understand negative seeds, and clean them
  • Working from Inside & Outside
  • Ancient Meditation Techniques
  • Oxygen Money & Limitless Resources

DCI Level 2

Talent, Passion, Purpose: Finding out what you’re supposed to do in this world
  • Find Your Purpose in Life by Helping Others To Find Theirs
  • The 4 Laws of Karma
  • Natural Reactions are Wrong
  • The Four Ways Karmic Seeds Appear
  • The Driver of a Broken Car is Not Dead
  • Laying Down the Next Stepping Stone
  • Coffee Meditation
  • Going Deeper with Ancient Meditation Techniques

DCI Level 3

Mastering Your Mind for success at work and at home
  • Meditation Mind: The Benefits of Meditation
  • The Six Conditions You Need to Meditate
  • The Five Qualities of a Good Meditation Place
  • The Five Problems in Meditation, and Their Eight Antidotes
  • The 9 Levels of Meditation
  • Mahamudra: Learning to Watch Our Thoughts
  • The Karmic Causes of Good Meditation: Being Kind to Others

DCI Level 4

Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships
  • Don’t Find Them, Create Them
  • A Wish List for our New Car: Projecting vs Completing Karma
  • Nightclubs vs. the Internet
  • The Four Starbucks Steps for a Relationship
  • Visiting the Old Lady
  • Why Relationships Fail
  • Learning to Reinvest Our Seeds
  • The Invisible Partner at Your Side
  • The Meditation Quartet

DCI Level 5

12 Deeper Tools for Perfect Relationships at Home & at Work
  • Diamond Deals: Recognizing and Avoiding Them
  • Raw Karma
  • Emptiness: An Absence of What You Always Thought Was There
  • Five Paths to a Perfect Relationship
  • The Finer Points of Coffee Meditation
  • Writing Epics: Bringing Your Dream to Reality
  • Success Is Love
  • Croissant Meditation

DCI Level 6

Peeling off our Addictions with the Wheel of Life
  • The Wheel of Life —Addiction as a Self-Perpetuating Cycle
  • The Objects of Addiction
  • Recognizing that We Do Have an Addiction
  • Complete Avoidance, but Only as a Starting Place
  • Vicious Cycles: The Three Animals
  • Compulsion vs. Passion: The Pigeon
  • When Compulsion is Thwarted: The Snake
  • The Roots of Compulsion: The Pig
  • The Equipment of Experience
  • The Six Realms: What Addiction Does to You
  • Train of Thought Meditation
  • Meditation on Where My Happiness Comes From

DCI Level 7

Reaching the Diamond World: Learning to Touch the Source of All Success
  • The Two Realities
  • The Diamond World
  • Space Which Never Changes
  • A Meditation on the Four Kinds of Space
  • The Three Impossibles
  • Triggering Inner Vision
  • An Excellent Choice of Seeds: Quality & Characteristic
  • A Meditation on Quality & Characteristic
  • The Breakthrough Moment: A Description of the Indescribable
  • The Four Higher Understandings: Fallout after the Bomb
  • Breakthrough Thinkers & the Evolution of All Sentient Life

DCI Level 8

  • How vs. Why: Surface Causes & Deeper Causes
  • The Four Emperors: Only Karma Makes Power
  • The Thing-That-Never-Happens
  • Karmic Intelligence
  • Option 3: The Seeds for Decisiveness
  • King, Ferryman, Shepherd: The Three Leadership Styles
  • Karmas for Public Speaking
  • The Four Modes of Management
  • Skillful Means: Unexpected Strategies
  • Every Person Has An Equal Right to Success
  • Replacing Others with Myself: The Ultimate Unexpected Strategy
  • Exercises in Equality & Exchanging
  • Leadership-Planting Meditations

DCI Level 9

True Innovators: The Deeper Causes of Creativity
  • True Innovators: A New Ancient Approach to Innovation
  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Master & Re-Cast
  • Deep Causes vs. Shallow Causes: Causes Below the Cause
  • The Emptiness of Thoughts: Keys to Innovation
  • Creative Coffee Meditation
  • Shantideva’s Anti-Envy Program
  • Gratitude: Secret for Touching the Diamond World
  • Future-Sense: The Emptiness of Instinct
  • Using Emptiness to See Products of the Future
  • Asanga Talks to Love: Taking Inspiration from the Future
  • Stop Living in a Closet: The Emptiness of Time
  • The Lion’s Dance Meditation for Discovering What Was
  • Innovate Something Higher: Innovation’s Higher Purpose
  • The Seeds for Vision: Six Worldviews to Shake up Your Brain

DCI Level 10

Impossible Anger: Never Get Upset Again
  • The Two Husbands in the Kitchen
  • Karmic Account Hackers: The hidden toll of anger
  • Staying Cool
  • The Four Stages of Anger
  • The Myth of Expressing Anger
  • Seed Burning Buddies
  • Peacock Warriors
  • Ultimate Illogic: Jelousy as an anger
  • What Pushes my Buttons
  • Executive Mediations
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