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Thank you for your interest in hosting a DCIG program in your city!
DCIG events and programs have been held in more than 75 cities
and 35 countries worldwide, and we are regularly active today in
over 30 cities and 20 countries, teaching tools for business and
personal success, using “The Diamond Cutter System”.
Attendance to DCIG events continues to grow steadily, and now reaches 20,000 people worldwide every year.

DCIG welcomes requests for programs in new locations, and we
are continually developing new services and capabilities to better
serve the growing needs of event organizers, governments,
NGOs, large and small companies, professional groups and
individuals in every part of the world.

DCIG Corporate clients have included British Airways, UralSib Bank

(Moscow), Verizon Wireless, Herbalife, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Peking University (Beijing) and many other businesses and government offices worldwide.

DCIG events can be large or small to fit the specific needs of the
client. Well-trained DCIG teachers are located in many parts of the
world and travel as necessary to make up the DCI team on site, as
well as to lead DCIG programs.

DCIG’s mission is to change the world by using universal principles
found in the ancient texts to train companies, professional organizations, governments and individuals how to easily solve problems and create their own ultimate success, and how to help others to have ultimate success as well. New cities are regularly being added to the network, and we look forward to making your city a part of the revolution!

Taichung 2018
Vietnam 2017
Zhengzhou Scott on Stage
Singapore stage with corp logos
Zhengzhou discussion group
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