Long YaoHello everyone, I am Long Yao, a psychologist by profession.

I was introduced to the Diamond Cutter System in June this year through a participant in my one of my coaching sessions. Before I got to know this system, I felt that it was difficult to close business deals and made no progress at work.

With the guidance of the Diamond Cutter System, my monthly income finally made a breakthrough.

I will share my own story as follows:

In August of this year, I was delighted to have finally closed a deal. However, shortly after, I was told that I lost this customer to someone else and the deal didn’t go through. At that present moment, I was not in a negative state of mind, and decisively withdrew from this deal without taking any sales commission.

After this matter was made known to my parents, they did not understand and thought I was being deceived. The beneficiary of this deal offered to give me a few hundreds of dollars to thank me for helping him follow up with this customer. I decisively refused his offering at the time and thought: Won’t this be the perfect opportunity to plant seeds of wealth? The seeds of these hundreds of dollars planted will increase in many folds in the future!

So in the next ten days, I persisted and began to use this incident every night to do my coffee meditation.

Coffee meditation is to happily review the details of the incident for 5-10 minutes before going to bed. I had also planted some seeds of wealth during my daily life; for example, proactively pay my bills.

I switched jobs in September this year and was posted to a new city. I participated in one of the Diamond Cutter System Book Club sessions where everyone shared their personal goals. I, too set a monthly financial goal for myself. In fact, at that point of time, I had zero sales performance.

However, one week later, my wealth goal was achieved. I knew that this is the ripening of the seeds that I had planted two months ago and the result came in 40 folds.

What I learnt from this is that if you want to close a deal, then you really have to help others close a deal.

This is a true testimonial of my own experience; “Give what you want”!

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