BarbaraJaschtMotivation, inspiration & corporate ethics expert. Managing director and owner of the Barbara Jascht Seminar & Training Center.

I first met Geshe Michael Roach in 2010, when he came to Europe for the first time.

He electrified me from the very beginning with his energy and the karmic principles he taught. I was very happy to promise him then that I would help spread his message in Austria.

So I started giving talks on the principles, while applying them at the same time. Right away I began to see clear correlations in many situations. I quit my job as a management coach and business trainer and started my own seminar & training center.

For me, one of my biggest success stories is having brought Geshe Michael Roach to Austria. Everybody said: That’s impossible, Austria is much too small!

How did I achieve this?

I consistently applied the 4 Starbucks Steps:

  • For four years I went out to other people, travelling many miles, teaching them the Diamond Cutter principles.
  • I basically spent my time on the road as a teacher.
  • In this way I planted my own teacher – Geshe Michael Roach – to come to me and teach me: To my city, to my country, to Krems in Austria!

Since then the turnover of my seminar and training business has grown consistently.

I am especially impressed with how effective those principles are when it comes to feelings. For example: You want to change how you experience a certain business situation? If you work with the karmic principles you will still experience unpleasant things, it’s a perpetual up and down. The only difference is HOW you experience all these things.

At the end of 2015 I wanted to sell my house. I had paid way too much when I had bought it, and nobody believed that I would ever get my money back again.

For three months a potential buyer tried to get the house for EUR 30,000 less than what I had paid. He put a lot of pressure on me. So finally I offered him EUR 20,000 less and told him I would give him the house within two months, even if I had not found a new house by then. He said he would think about it.

Just two days later some total strangers knocked at my door. They were interested in my house! Within a week the bought it for the price I had quoted, no hassle, no pressure, no stress!

And I found my new dream apartment in the same short period of time.

Of course, I will keep on working with the Diamond Cutter and Karma of Love principles!

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