Roger EisemannI lead a medium sized third generation family enterprise with 110 employees.

By unhappy circumstances we were forced to implement a major generation shift in our top management.

I clearly felt that I did not only want the new people in these positions to be especially capable. I also wanted them to be ethically responsible.

And I wanted to fill these positions fast, because I saw this change as chance for our company to be even more innovative and progressive. I also wanted to open our traditionally rather male structure with women in management.

And I wanted the complete management to focus on the well-being and the success of people around us: our customers and our employees, but also our suppliers and our community as a whole.


These are the Diamond Cutter tools I used:

  1. Train new employees, pass on knowledge – My company has been thoroughly training job starters for many years. All our employees contribute passionately to this task, even though we know that many of these young people will leave us again once their training is finished, because there is a big demand for well-trained professionals and because our competitors are also seeking new employees.
  2. Support and encourage existing employees – We look for the potential in all of our employees. We never give up employees who seem to be unpleasant. I use the “Exchange yourself with others” exercise from DCI Level 8 and it never ceases to amaze me how difficult situations suddenly turn into positive experiences.
  3. Plant relationships – I take great care to help other people out of their loneliness. I do not only do this to nurture the relationship with my wonderful wife, but also to plant good professional relationships. I also dedicated the time I spend with lonely people for building a sustainable new corporate management.


I took only me half a year to achieve my purpose, and it was incredibly easy. I didn’t even have to look for my new team!


Today, a lean & process lady manager and an operations manager support me in the Board, highly motivated and with really good first results. Together as a team we have started several new karmic projects.

I am so grateful for all this. And, of course, I continue planting new seeds for success!

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