Alison Xiaoping Zhou

Alison Zhou – China

Co-Founder of Future Diamond Institute
Co-Founder of PureGold Translation
DCIG Certified Teacher
SCIM Professor
Since 2011, Alison started studying and spreading diamond cutter wisdom. She has taught in China, Canada, Singapore and other countries for more than 10 years, and is committed to the translation, protection, and modern application of ancient classics. She is not only Geshe Michael’s personal assistant and translator, but also Sedona College of International Management professor. Xiaoping and Stanley co-founded the FutureDiamond Cutter Institute. They launched the China Soft Power Global President Program (CSP) and PureGold (PureGold) projects. CSP is dedicated to empowering business leaders with ancient classics, and building a business civilization with “help others succeed” as the core value. Pure Gold Translation is a non-profit organization dedicated to translating ancient classics and related courses into modern Chinese, benefiting Chinese people all over the world, promoting the translation of classics, and help people to apply wisdom in business and life.
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