Penny Wong

Penny Wong – Hong Kong

DCIG HK Partner
DCIG Certified Teacher
SCIM Assistant Professor
Penny is an Entrepreneur, three companies & organization founder. He first came into contact with the Diamond Cutter System in 2013 and made an amazing breakthrough in the application of the Diamond Cutter System in his own business. He felt the power of the system and studied in depth afterward. In 2015, he established King Kong Diamond Academy and became the organizer of DCIG in Hong Kong, in order to promote DCI system into Hong Kong. In past 6 years, He has been studying with Geshe Michael Roach and accompanied the teaching team of the Diamond Cutter Institute over the world teaching and spreading the system. In 2020, he joined the mentor team of Sedona College of International Management, to train the next generation of DCI teachers. Penny established a charity organization “Little Meditators” in 2019 to promote a culture of meditation in Hong Kong, so that the new generation can have better emotional management, and cultivate the traditional oriental virtues of “quiet”, “gratitude” & “harmony” among young people .

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