Wang Tian

Tian Wang – China

DCIG Certified Teacher
SCIM Assistant Professor
Tian Wang (Tina) graduated from one of the top 10 universities in China, Peking University, with Bachelor’s degree of Pharmaceutical Sciences. And she also completed Master’s degree of Business Information System from the Australian National University. Tian met the DCIG system in 2015, where she started with the book Karma of Love by Geshe Michael Roach. She has translated the DCIG training events for many years, and was also one of the local project managers for DCIG global events. Tian applied this system and created her perfect partner. Later on, Tian realized that life has no other meaning but make each other’s life meaningful. She started to help others in different kind of aspects. Now, by using the 4 Steps in almost all aspects of her life, she has planted her income to be doubling, harmonious relationship with others, and her perfect career in DCIG home office, which gives her the opportunity to embody servant leadership and benefit more and more people.
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