Alix Rowland

Alix Rowland – USA

Realtor at the Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage
SCIM Assistant Professor
DCIG Certified Teacher
Seeds of True Success Co-Founder
Director SkyHarvest Ecological Restoration
Alix is a founding member of Team North Star, a real estate team consisting of four brokers within the Wells Group Real Estate Brokerage in Durango, CO. She is also co-founder of the Seed System training company, Seeds of True Success. Mother of two grown children, Alix has over 25 years of business and real estate experience and is using the DCI method to grow a dynamic team that is doing more business while helping team members and clients reach their goals. Alix completed twelve academic sessions at the Sedona College of International Management where she is now an assistant professor. Alix became a certified yoga instructor through the Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 2002. Alix has used the seed system to create financial freedom, joyful relationships, health and energy, and a more peaceful mind. Her passions are spending time outdoors, ecological restoration and sharing her success with others.
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