DCI Collaborator and Teacher in Taiwan since 2010

I finished my first DCI Seminar Intensive in 2010. As head of HR head for the DuPont company in Taiwan. a big part of my job was to help employees finds their passion in the company… and it was obvious to me that the DCI System was perfect for this situation. I began incorporating the principles of the system immediately to help thousands of people in the DuPont company, with great success. I began to see transformation around me almost immediately.

In 2015 I met Jia-Chen, just after finishing the DCI level 6 Intensives. A Taipei government official approached me to ask if I might be able to teach the DCI business development and personal development principles to blind people in the Taipei School for Visually Impaired. Naturally I was excited about this opportunity, and named my course series “Future Start.” Jia-Chien was one of my students. She was a massage girl, born with amblyopia, a vision development disorder in which an eye fails to develop normally. She lost her vision gradually as a child, and by age twelve had only less than 10% of normal vision. She was struggling through 10 hours Massage of work every day, making her very tired and sad. She was small, weak, and nervous, with low self-esteem. She had no dreams, and no confidence to find a dream or follow it. She wanted a better future, but felt helpless and scared. She didn’t believe she could do anything to compete with other people who have normal vision. Her family relationships were strained and unhappy.

I presented DCI Level 2 “Finding Your Passion” principles in that series of Future Start classes. I included daily meditations, the DCI “4×4” tools, and the classical “Coffee Meditation” technique for reinforcing good seeds. After working with Jia-Chien for about 6 months, we had a breakthrough: In using the DCI tools to work through her fatigue and sadness, we were able to discover that she has a passion for animals and traveling!

This was a life-changing moment for her. She then began to take small new steps with the DCI system to build up her confidence. She traveled alone for the very first time in her life, on a beautiful short trip to Japan. She applied to a special program to become qualified as a Guide-Dog trainer.

DCI Success Story Jeffrey

These were big steps for her, and began a whole new life of confidence and fun! She completed her Guide-Dog training, and is now licensed to train dogs for the blind! Wow, what a perfect way to plant seeds—by helping others to have the same things that she has always wanted and needed. She now loves the DCI meditations that she incorporates into her daily schedule, and has even extended the meditative principles to learning a traditional Japanese martial art called “Kyudo.” Her Kyudo teacher was even able to help her use the DCI meditative techniques teach her to aim at a target by…listening! Amazing.

Every 6 months, I invite all graduates of my Future Start program to meet, to share their progress, stories and support. Jia-Chien’s progress is a wonderful example of the success available through the DCI System. She has been married to a very handsome visually-impaired man since 2018. They are now applying DCI principles in their very successful family business. It is clear to me that the DCI System truly changed their lives, and set them on a path to doing the same for others. This IS the DCI System!

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