Stanley Chen

Stanley Chen – China

Co-Founder of Future Diamond Institute
Co-Founder of PureGold Translation
DCIG Certified Teacher
SCIM Professor
Stanley Chen has been studying and teaching the ancient Diamond Cutter Wisdom since 2011. He has often served as a Mandarin translator of Geshe Michael Roach, actively participates in the publishing of Geshe Michael’s books. He teaches in mainly the Chinese speaking regions,in 2015, he was the first Chinese youth to give a speech on Chinese culture in the Mexican Congress. Stanley and Alison founded the Future Diamond Academy and conducts the China Soft Power Global Executive Training, which is dedicated to empowering business leaders with ancient classics, and building a business civilization with “help others succeed” as the core value. He and Alison have also launched a non profit PureGold Translation Project to train and support many translators for Diamond Cutter Classics Series. He is one of the 10 primary translators of the Diamond Cutter Classics.

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