DCIG Level 04


There's couple goals and there's relationship goals. But before that can happen, you would have to find your partner first, before you can keep them and stay happy with them.

Finding Them

 Perhaps you’ve have tried different ways to find a partner; swipe, click, blind dates, referrals and what not. Or just simply believed that the right one will come along.
Or, the One.
Either time keeps ticking and you feel that you’re running out of time or you just keep meaning one after one but not a right one.
What if you don’t have to find but instead there’s a better and we dare say—surefire—way?

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

Keeping Them

So you found one, followed by a short and intense honeymoon phase before the fights kick in.
Then you go through ups and downs in a relationship that might not even last. Breakups and divorces seem to be a norm, leaving us to wonder if this is just the way relationships work?
No they don’t have to be this way.
Not at DCIG. There is a surefire way to create your ideal life partner, and a faithful one.

StAying Happy
with Them

You can overcome the conflicts and but somehow your dream of being happy together and deeply in love gets dimmer as their imperfections grow with each day. “Well, at least they stayed faithful.”
In DCIG Level 04, you will learn that it doesn’t have to be co-existence and it’s not a dream to share an exciting connection with someone you love with all your heart.

Learning Objectives

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